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Effect of Diets Contaminated With Crude Petroleum Products (BONNYLIGHT AND FORCADOS) On Enzyme Activities of Wistar Albino Rats

J. O. Akaninwor, E. A. Okeke
KEYWORDS: Enzyme bonnylight, forcados pollution and environment


Changes in enzyme activities (ALT, ALP and AST) in Wistar Albino rats chronically exposed to diets contaminated with crude petroleum samples (Bonnylight and Forcados) have been investigated. Increases in the activities of the enzymes (ALP, ALT and AST µII) in the test animals over the control were observed. ALP: (male rats) Control 57.50 +- 2.08< Bonnylight 90.50.:t 17.37 and Forcados 81.33±7.02; (female rat) Control 55.75 +- 7.14< Bonnylight 89.25±17.39 and Forcados 95.75 _:t4.86. ALT: (male rats) Control 45.50:!:2.65 < Bonnylight 120.00 :!: 39.99 and Forcados 112. 67± 9.29; (female rats) Control 46.00 +- 9.56 < Bonnylight 101.75 +-  13.30 and Forcados 131.25 ±. 7.14 AST: (male rats) Control 48.00 +- 2.58 < Bonnylight 125.00 ± 44.97 and Forcados 120.67 ± 2.08; (female rats} Control 46.50 +- 7.33 < Bonnylight 105.50 ! 13.96 and Forcados 130.75+- 14.69. These increased levels of liver enzyme activities in the test animals over the control are indi9ative of injuries I damages to the liver by toxic metabolites produced by the crude petroleum samples which would cause dysfunction and might eventually be the cause of death of some of the test animals as observed. A significant rise in JST is implicated in myocardial infarction while increases in ALT and ALP is implicated in hepatoceHular damage suggesting that these petroleum crude samples (Bonnylight and Forcados) on long term exposure to anim

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