Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Job Hunting Through The Internet: The Experiences of Some Graduates of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

E. N. Nwagbara
KEYWORDS: Internet, job-hunting, search skill, graduates, poverty.


Each year, thousands of graduates are turned into the labour market from over fifty tertiary institutions in Nigeria in search of jobs. In addition to the traditional methods of job-hunting, most of these graduates are increasingly using the Internet as a veritable source of job opportunities. However, job-hunting through the Internet is fraught with limitations that form a stumbling block to job-seekers especially those that lack the necessary search skills. Unfortunately, most university graduates do not possess these skills. This study was motivated by the need for Nigerian graduates to improve their job-search skills. The general aim of the study was to examine the problems and prospects of using the Internet as a tool for job-hunting in Nigeria. A sample size of 500 was drawn from selected graduates undergoing the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Cross River State. The findings show a high level of use of the Internet for job-hunting. Furthermore, the study reveals that these graduates encounter problems and frustrations in surfing the Internet for jobs. Based on the findings, the author recommends that Internet infrastructure in Nigeria be upgraded by the operators; graduates sharpen their search skills and that government and corporate organizations in Nigeria create jobs and place their adverts on the Internet for accessibility to the job-hunters

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