Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Exploring Some issues In Commercial Drug Dispensing In A Nigerian Urban Centre.

Ochinya O. Ojui, Abayomi A. Okediji
KEYWORDS: Drug Abuse, Self Medication, Drug Dispensing, Epidemiology, Professional Ethics in Drug Dispensing and Public Safety


Responses to a self-report questionnaire of 85 Commercial drug dispensers in Uyo township of South-Eastern Nige:ria were used to analyze some issues in drug abuse control in Nigeria. Among other things, the findings revealed that; (1) self medication is reported to be widespread among clients; (2) over and under dose of common drugs are frequent in managing common ailments. Furthermore, the frequency of complaints of non-effectiveness of drugs dispensed at commercial outlets is generally high, to which sellers reported adopting specific actions. Whereas the drugs are said to be obtained from reputable agents/distributors, many of the dispensers are not registered with professional bodies nor professionally trained and have received intermediate formal education. The inherent dangers in unethical conduct of professionally unregulated practice were discussed. lt is suggested that the activities of commercial drug dispensers be properly monitored to check/control the occurrence of inappropriate drug uses in the population.

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