Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Corruption and Its Implications For Actualizing Nigeria Vision 20-2020

Peter S. Ubi, Sunday A. Eko, Bassey E. Ndem
KEYWORDS: Corruption, transparency international, actualizing, Nigeria, Vision 20:2020


This paper examines corruption and its implications for Nigeria’s vision 20:2020. Using descriptive analysis, this study takes a sweeping look at the issues of corruption and the corruption situation in Nigeria. The study finds that corruption is not only high in Nigeria but it permeates all the facets of public and private sectors. The research went further to highlight the various and possible ways through which corruption would impede the actualization of NV 20:2020 in Nigeria. On that note, the study argues that the country needs a committed, transparent and purpose-driven government that is determined to reduce corruption to the barest minimum. To achieve this, the foremost anti-corruption agencies in the country, ICPC and EFCC, should be granted full autonomy and should be provided with a special court. The constitution should be amended to include stiffer punishment meted out to offenders to the tune of death or life imprisonment as practiced in China, Malaysia and some other countries.

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