Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Measurement of Aerosol Concentration Variation By Opto-Electronic Method

M. O. Oleka, I. U. Chiemeka, T. C. Chineke
KEYWORDS: Aerosol Concenti;ation; concentration variation; Opto-Electronic


The measurement of air aerosol concentration within the Bauchi Road Campus of the University of Jos was carried out. The variation of the aerosol concentration over the period 1411 to 201  August 1990 was determined electro-optically, making use of the intensity of light scattered by particles. The intensity of the scattered light obtamed is proportional to the average concentration of the aerosols, averaged during 3112 hours in a day starting from 1200 hours to 1530 hours the ratio of the voltages M1/M2 is a factor which is proportional to the average value;()f tl}e aerosols concentration From the regression line, it is found that average value of the aerosols concentration increases linearly with time over the period of measurement. The slope, 0.023 of the regression line is proportional to the rate at which the, concentration of the particles m the environment varied with time.

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