Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Global Democratisation Agenda: The Lessons For African Development.

Adagba Okpaga
KEYWORDS: Globalization, Democracy /Democratization, Development Third World, New World Order


The collapse of the Soviet Union and its communist ideology has continued to witness the propagation of a new democratisation agenda. This new agenda, which is being directed toward the Third World Countries aims at propagating Western democratic values in these states. For Africa, it is assumed that without the option of this new democratic agenda, she cannot experience development. This paper argues that, in as much as democracy is a universal phenomenon and a practice, each society practises a system that is akin to its socio-cultural, economic, political and ecological environment. Africa therefore, needs to restructure her development orientations in line with her indigenous practices. It is only through this that she can experience a sustainable development.

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