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Students off-Campus Residence and Impact On Localities: The Case Study of The University of Benin and Ekosodin Village

F. N. Ogeah, V. Ajalaye
KEYWORDS: Students’ residence, village, impact, environment.


One of the problems facing most Nigerian Universities is inadequate accommodation facilities which makes many students seek accommodation off-campus in the surrounding localities. This paper examines the impact of University of Benin students off-campus residence on Ekosodin village. A field survey was carried out with the use of questionnaire. The study reveals that the presence of the students in Ekosodin has brought significant changes both positively and negatively on the physical and socio economic environment of the village. Although the students enjoy the close proximity between the village and the university, they experience some problems living in the village. These include increase in rent, crime occurrence, and poor supply of water and electricity. The paper therefore urges the state government to improve on the water and electricity supplies, as well as providing adequate security measures in the village. The landlords should also provide boreholes in the hostels for students use.

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