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Travel and Tourism Promotions: Towards A New Dimension To National Development In Nigeria

Oluwakoya Adeniyi Olufemi
KEYWORDS: Travel and Tourism, Industry, Globalization, Receipt, Arrival, Tourism Development, Infrastructure, National Development, Economic Growth


Travels and Tourism impacts to economic and National Development cannot be overstated. This role has long been recognized by the developed countries which have harnessed the intrinsic development potentials to evolve economic prosperity and infrastructural development. However, the developing countries and to be specific, Nigeria, in spite of being naturally endowed with menagerie of travels and tourism products is yet to tap into the development of this industry for the bouleversement of the economy and engender national development. This study examines the development of travel and tourism to bring about economic growth, infrastructural development, increased revenue and increased tourist arrival especially for the developing countries and specifically Nigeria. The methodology used for this study is documentary searches, which entails search of existing published and unpublished documents and databases of stakeholders in Nigerian travels and tourism sub-sector and external sources with affinity with the international organizations such as WTTC, UNWTO and etc. The study revealed that genuine national development is feasible for the country in the 21st century if there can be a corresponding development and promotion of the Nigerian travels and tourism industry.

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