Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Capacity Building Needs of Farmers' Local Organisations In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

I. A. Akpabio, I. I. Akpabio
KEYWORDS: Capacity building needs; constraints; farmers' local organizations; agricultural development; agricultural development


Farmersi Local Organisations (FLOs) are a myriad in Akwa lbom State, but are faced with a lot of limitations and constraints. They can however be made to perform facilitatory roles in agricultural and rural development. Against this background, this study was conducted, to identify capacity building needs required to enable FLOs perform their expected roles in the State. Fifteen FLOs and 225 FLO members were sampled for the study and results revealed FLOs capacity building needs to include: how to mobilise local funds, human and material resources to empower members for active inputs into FLO activities, how to access and negotiate with external entities to draw down much required assistance and how to enlist and sustain the cooperation of FLOs membership. Recomendations are proffered for enhanced FLOs inputs into the grassroot development process.

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