Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

The Dynamics of Privatization Policy and The Nigerian Economy

O. O. Ovat
KEYWORDS: Privatization, Impact, Nigerian Economy, Foreign Exchange, Productivity.


The paper examines the impact of the privatization policy on the Nigerian economy. It employs relevant theoretical paradigm and literature on the subject matter, and uses OLS estimation method in its empirical analysis. The findings show that the policy has impacted positively on the Nigerian economy in terms of increase in the level of output. It also shows that the policy of interest rate deregulation as induced by SAP to complement the privatization policy has not achieved the desired objective. The paper concludes with some recommendations which among others. include, the need for a guided deregulation" of interest rate and the foreign exchange market, encouraging the establishment of engineering industries to fabricate different designs of machines for use by the privatized enterprises and the implementation of the privatization policy with honesty and transparency.

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