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Environmental Stress and Urban Decay Problems In Developing Countries

E. E. Ikurekong, J. Nfamark
KEYWORDS: Urban Environmental Stress; Human Spatial Behaviour Liveability, Social Order, and Functional Efficiency


Urban areas of most developing countries present a dilemma to majority of their dwellers. White some perceive them as being full of opportunities, others see them as centres of stress because of the chaotic and crowded conditions in them. Environmental stress in these urban areas fs induced by the myriad of physical problems such as unemployment, lack of infrastructural facilities. traffic congestion_oyercrowding and inefficient waste management systems. The intensity of these problems result in psychological stress and general urban environmental decay. The paper reviews these problems and examines particular conditions in some Nigerian cities through a perceptive response from a group of randomly sampled students in 20 out of 36 States. Results show marginal differences among the cities in the intensity of stressor effects. Recommendations for overall improvement of urban environments are made.

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