Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Global Systems Mobile Telecommunications (GSM) As An Instrument For Sustainable Livelihood of Urban Elderly

B. O. Odufuwa
KEYWORDS: Elderly, Telecommunications, livelihood, barriers, urban, good governance.


The increasing growth of the elderly and cities in developing countries in recent years has given rise to widespread and alarming urban insecurity. This is attributed to the economies, external environment and governance that are hobbled by weak and plunder. Most cities of developing world particularly Nigeria work partially well for those who are healthy solvent and able bodied, whereas the livelihood of those who lack any of these characteristics are faced with multitude of barriers (physical, institutional and systemic) that hinder their sustainable livelihoods in urban hfe The advent of GSM in recent past has had a significant effect on the livelihoods of people world wide. This paper therefore examines the possibility of the GSM to positively transform the livelihood of people particularly the elderly (age 55 years within an African city Ibadan. Nigeria. The results reveal that, there is a significant impact of the GSM on the livelihoods of the elderly. Based on the findings however, it is recommended that the effective provision of affordable communication service will greatly enhance and liberate the elderly from the shackle of environmental, institutional and systemic barriers.

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