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Effect of Crude Extract of Carica Papaya Seeds On The Reproductive Efficiency of Male Albino Rats

E. V. Ikpeme, O. Udensi, U. B. Ekaluo, E. A. Uyoh, B. O. Asuquo, F. V. Udoh, P. B. Udoh
KEYWORDS: Carica papaya seed, albino rat, Reproductive efficiency, Sperm profile, epididymis


In this investigation the effect of crude extract of Carica papaya (Linn Caricaceae) seeds was examined on the reproductive efficiency of male albino wistar rats. The ethanolic from Carica papaya seeds was extracted. Three doses were estimated in acute toxicity test and administered orally, daily for three (3) days to four (4) groups of adult male rats weighing between 180· 200g. Group one received normal saline (1ml/ratld) as control, group two received 50mg/kg/d, while groups three and four received 100mg/kg/d and 150mg/kg/d, respectively. After treatment for three days the male rats of each group were mated with the normal female rats in the ratio of 1.1. Mating was confirmed by a vaginal plug. After mating, three male rats from each group were sacrificed and semen samples were quickly collected from the epididymes of each of the rats Sperm count, motility and morphology, litter weights and sizes were measured Results showed significant decrease in sperm cell count, motility and sperm head abnormality as compared to control. The result further revealed that mean litter sizes. litter weights at birth and weaning were significantly different (P<0.05) among treatment groups. These results therefore allowed the suggestion that the ethanolic extract of the seed of C papaya could probably affect the reproductive efficiency of male rats.

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