Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Modulatory Effect of Dracaena Manni Leaf Extract On Some Biochemical Parameters of Wistar Rats Treated With Carbon Tetrachloride (CCL4)

C. A. Anosike, K. I. Anyanwu, P. E. Joshua
KEYWORDS: Dracaena manni, ethanol extract, rats, biochemical parameters.


The modulatory/protective effect of the ethanol extract of Dracaena manni leaves on some biochemical parameters of male Wistar rats treated with Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) was studied. Sixteen male Wistar rats of 100 - 170g body weight (bw} were divided into four groups of four rats each designated - group I (control), groups II, Ill, and IV. Groups II. Ill, and IV were injected intraperitoneally with Sml/kg body weight (bw) of CCl4; control was injected with Sml/kg com oil. Groups m and IV were administered with 201ma/kg ICOmg/kg bw of the extract respectively, 48hrs after CCl4 injection, and the rats sacrificed after 5 days. Result from the study showed that administration of 200mglkg bw of the extract significantly lowered (P < 0.05) CCl4 induced elevations in serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT), serum aspartate amlnotransferas& (AST), total and conjugated billrubin. Administration of 400mg/kg bw of the extract also reduced CCI• induced elevations ln these parameters, but not as significantly as that of 200mglkg dose. This suggests that the protective effect of the Dracaena manni leaf extract occurs at low doses, higher doses may be toxic.

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