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The Th1/Th2 Balance In Clinical Course of Burkitt'S Lymphoma

G. Umukoro, I. Onyesom
KEYWORDS: lmmunoglobulin, Burkitt's Lymphoma, Th1/Th2 balance, MIF


The potential role of host immunity to Burkitt's lymphoma (BL) and responses to sero-therapy with sera from BL patients who had undergone complete regression have been documented. However, this study reports the level of serum immunoglobulin (lgG, lgM, lgA) which are functional signatures of Th2 type of immune function and leucocytes migration inhibition factor (MIF) this is a functional signature of Th1. For homeostasis. this two arm of immune functional unit must act in control of each other. Fiftyseven BL patients were randomly selected from thePediatric Clinic of Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital. Zaria and Kaduna, Nigeria The results show that serum immunoglobulin values (lgA for stage1 BL patients (n=22; 667.27±. 50916; stage2:n=11 ;616.82±408.55;stage3:n=20;485.75±289.99;stage4:n=4;330.11±260 .. 65;1gGstage1:n=22;260.59±23256;stage2 n=11; 195. 18±102.86; stage3:n=20;309.65±276.43; . stage4:n=4;244.80±401.93;1gM,stage1:n=22;253.55±104. 99;stage2 n=11 ;217.82±77.80; stage3:n=20;419.80±74.20; stage4: 233.35±108.84) were higher in BL patients compared with control values( lgA n=28; 330.11 ±260.65; lgG: n=28; 288.29± 346.93; lgM: n=28; 201.82±64.13).These increases were also influenced by the clinical stagesof BL. The MIF values in BL patients were equally higher (stage1: n=22; 123. 73±26.40; stage 2:n=11; 121.0±23.98; stage3: n=20; 118.64±32.09; stage4 : n=4; 126.02±56.66) when compared with the values for the control subject( n=28; 68.53±8.80). The values are progressively depended on the clinical stages. Since lg values were increasing, indicaing Th2 activity, and MIF values were decreasing in function indicating Th1 activity, then it is reasonable to conclude from this study that there is,Th1 and Th2 imbalance; the level of Th2 being higher. This type·of imbalance may not be immunologically beneficial to BL patients.

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