Publisher: Bachudo Science Co. Ltd

Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Rbbr:Yb2+ Crystals At Elevated Temperatures

I. M. Mejeha
KEYWORDS: Ultraviolet absorption, optical cell, high temperature spectra, divalent ytterbium ions, rubidium bromide.


High temperature ultraviolet absorption spectra of Yb2+ - doped rubidium bromide crystals have been measured at elevated temperatures up to 358°C with the aid of a specially designed variable temperature optical cell and a Varian DMS-90 NIR -Visible -4,v spectrophotometer. Results showed that the high temperature absorption spectra of RbBr:Yb2+ crystals have the same basic structurl as that of a freshly -doped RbBr:Yb2+ crystal measured at room temperature. Results also showed that the energy parameter v' which is an approximate measure of the strength of crystal field splitting of the electronic states of the 4f135d configuration of Yb2+ ions in RbBr crystals heated to temperatures below 200°C decreased below Its value when the crystal is at room temperature. However. v' , increased when the RbBr:Yb2+ crystals were heated to temperatures above 200°0. Evidence obtained suggested that in crystals heated to temperatures of about 354°0, the Yb2+ ions existed In two separate precipitate phases.

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