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Biochemical Studies On The Effect of Diet Formulated With Allium Sativum (GARLIC) On The Gastrointestional Sections of Wistar Albino Rats

C. B. Edom., N. J. Nwachukwu, A. M. Ezenwa
KEYWORDS: Garlic; GIT sections; Digestive enzymes; Hypoglycemia. Hypollpidemia.


Biochemical studies on the stomach, large, and small intestines sections of the gastro intestinal tract (Gil) was done using a total of forty eightwistar albino rats. The rats were divided into four groups to represent control, group I (received 2% garlic), group II (received 4% garlic), and group Ill (received 6% garlic), respectively. Feeding was done for two months while data was collected every two weeks after sacrificing two rats selected from each group under light chloroform anaesthesia. The levels of cholesterol, glucose, and triacylglycerol significantly (~0.05) reduced in a dose dependent fashion throughout the period of study. Similarly, the activities of lipase, and amyiase, generally decreased also In a dose dependent fashion in all the GIT sectionsthroughout the study. However the activities of acid phosphates significanHy increased in all the GIT sections also in a dose dependent manner. The implication of the result is that garlic enriched diet could have Inhibitory effect on important digestive enzymes. However, it could facilitate nutrient transport by enhancing the membrane permeability of the GIT sections.

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