Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Adsorption of Cadmium From Aqueous Solution By Activated Carbon Prepared From Sawdust and Walnut Shell.

S. E. Abechi, C. E.gimba
KEYWORDS: Activated Carbon, Cadmium Adsorption, Sawdust, Walnut shell, Agricultural waste.


Activated carbon produced from Agricultural wastes, sawdust and walnut shell that abound in our environment was used to remove Cd2+ from aqueous solution using the batch adsorption technique. 0.5 g of the prepared activated carbon was agitated in 50 cm3 of Cadmium solution for a predetermined contact time of 180 minutes and at pH 3.0. The initial concentration of the adsorbate was varied from 20 – 100 ppm in order to develop the adsorption isotherms. The experimental data fitted perfectly into both the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models as indicated by the high correlation coefficient values in the range of 0.97- 0.99. The separation factors were 0.50 and 0.33 for sawdust carbon coated with zinc (II) oxide (SDZ) and walnut shell coated with zinc (II) oxide (WNSZ) respectively, showing favorable adsorption. The monolayer adsorption capacities for SDZ and WNSZ as derived from the Langmuir isotherm are 175.44 and 108.70 respectively. This implies that the adsorption capacity of the SDZ is about twice that of WNSZ and more importantly, the prepared carbons have adsorption capacity comparable to those of available commercial carbon as abound in literature.

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