Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Assessment of Powdered Dika Nut Shell Pericap (IRVIALGIA GABONENSIS) As Filler In Natural Rubber Compounding

M. D Ayo, L. O. Ekebafe, K. O. Eguare
KEYWORDS: Dika nutshell, compounding, Natural rubber and Vulcanisate


This study was aimed at the development of value added product from Dika nut that will be suitable for use in natural rubber processing from Dika nut. The Dika nutshell powder was characterized in terms of loss on ignition, moisture content, iodine adsorption number, oil absorption and pH. The powdered Dika nut shell pericalp was compounded with natural rubber using varying filler loading (unfilled, 20phr, 30phr, 40phr, and 50phr) and the physio-mechanical properties of the vulcanisates were determined. These properties include: tensile strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, compression set, elongation at break, modulus and solvent resistant. The result shows that Dika nutshell filled Vulcanisate has a high reinforcement at filler loading of 30-40phr and at a certain higher level it only acts as diluents. Furthermore, Dika nutshell is grouped as semi-reinforcing filler having the iodine adsorption number of 50.64g/kg, which is about half the value of carbon black.

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