Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Extraction of Okra Seed Oil and Comparative Characterization With Palm Oil

N. S. Uhiara, J .a. Ayo, G. Anayo, J. Ndife, U. F. Abbas
KEYWORDS: Oil, Okra, Palm, characterization


The study investigated the characteristics of Okra seed oil, using palm oil as a reference. The Okra seed oil was extracted by solvent extraction method. Some physical and chemical parameters were analyzed. Okra seed oil showed higher value of refractive index than palm oil (1.468 and 1.464 respectively). The specific gravity values obtained differed only slightly (0.92776 and 0.92253 for palm oil and okra seed oil respectively). Palm oil generated ohmic heat of 37oC while okra seed oil had 34oC at the same voltage of 120v. Palm oil increased in acid value (6.508mgKOH/g) than okra seed oil (5.273mg/KOH/g), varying inversely with free fatty acid (FFA) values which were 0.3942% and 0.9588% for palm oil and okra seed oil respectively, saponification values for palm and okra seed oils were 78.54mgKOH/g and 79.66mgKOH/g respectively while their iodine values were respectively 49.89 and 81.23

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