Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

The Chemical Composition of An Under-Utilised Tropical African Seed: Adenanthera Pavonina

M. N. Ogbuagu, S. A. Odoemelam, A. O. Ano
KEYWORDS: Adenanthera pavonina, seed, nutrition, minerals, vitamins, toxics


The proximate, mineral, vitamin and phytochemical compositions of Adenanthera pavonina, an under-utilised African seed, have been investigated. Standard analytical methods were employed in the study. The seed has very good values of ash (6.70%), crude protein (26.16%), crude fat (13.70%) but low values of crude fibre (1.90%) and carbohydrate (51.48%). The minerals; Ca(1.80%), Mg(0.65%),Na(0.58%), P(0.84%) Fe(45.50mg/kg), Mn (32.40mg/kg), Zn(139.60mg/kg) are quite good and higher than reported values for the most common legumes. The Na/K ratio (0.537), as well as the Ca/P ratio (2.14), indicates that the seed sample has good health implications. The seed is a good source of vitamin A (3.28mg/kg), vitamin E (16.40mg/100g), riboflavin (0.50mg/kg). thiamine (0.80mg/kg) and niacin (8.40mg/kg) but very poor source of vitamin C (18.60mg/100g).The values of the anti-nutritional principles; tannins (0.02mg/100g), cyanogenic glycoside, as HCN,(0.07mg/kg), phytate (0.14%) and trace amount of trypsin inhibitor have no toxic significance in human nutrition.   

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