Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Chemical Constituents, Nutritional and Toxicity Properties of The Leaves of Some Medicinal Plants Used In Southern Nigeria.

G. E. Uwumarongie-ilori, H. O. Uwumarongie
KEYWORDS: Jatropha tanjorensis, Ficus exasperata, Sida acuta, phytochemistry, proximate analysis, mineral elements, acute toxicity.


Jatropha tanjorensis; Sida acuta and Ficus exasperata. This study was carried out using standard methods of analysis, while the level of safety of the aqueous extracts was verified using mice. Phytochemical screening revealed the presence of carbohydrate, reducing sugars, tannins, sterols, alkaloids and saponins. These bioactive substances are responsible for the biological properties of these plants. The leaves contain crude protein (5.23 - 18.52%), crude lipid (29.38 - 32.64%); crude fiber (5.85 – 9.35%); carbohydrate (37.50 – 46.42%) and food energy (471.02 – 513.88 kcal). The leaves are sources of elements comprising copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Nickel, lead and cadmium were not detected in the 3 leaves analyzed. The aqueous extracts of the three (3) plant samples, at a dose of 5 g/kg, caused neither death nor any observable symptoms of toxicity, after administration of the extract for 24 hours. Hence, the plant samples could serve as a source of food and drug as claimed.

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