Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Trace Metal Levels In Canned Sardine Fish (SARDINIA PILCHARDUS) From Ogige Market In Nsukka, Nigeria.

J. N. Ugwu, C. O. B. Okoye
KEYWORDS: canned fish; high cadmium; environmental contamination; heavy metals


The occurrence of six heavy metals in canned sardine fish (Sardinia pilchardus) commercially sold in the ogige market, Nsukka was evaluated. The samples were ashed and analysed for the presence of Fe, Cd, Cr, Pb, Cu, and Zn on an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Solar Thermo-elemental 110). The average metal content expressed in mgkg-1 was 48.20 for iron; 0.10 for cadmium; 1.56 for chromium; 1.62 for copper; 0.12 for lead and 23.19 for zinc. The results of this study indicate that apart from Cd which exceeded 0.05mgkg-1 specified by EU legislation and Cr which exceeded the more stringent limit of 0.1mgkg-1 by Brazilian regulatory body, the other metals were within the range of their permissible limits. The high Cd level is an indication of environmental contamination either from the marine environment or canning processes and hence is necessary to implement good ecological and manufacturing measures in order to retain the nutritional quality of the samples.

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