Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

The Effect of (SALICYLIDENE) Ethylenediamine Metal Complexes and Cow Manure On The Production of Biogas From Sheep

I. S. Eze, P. O. Ukoha, C. M. Okoro
KEYWORDS: Keywords: metal, complexes, cow manure, biogas, sheep


In this study, the rate of production of biogas from sheep manure was monitored for 30 days using complexes of Fe(III), Ni(II), Cu(II), Mn(II), and Co(II), as catalyst together with 50:50 mixture of sheep and cow manure. Seven (2-litre) micro digesters were used for this experiment. Five of these contain the complexes which were below their inhibiting levels. One of the remaining two is the 50:50 mixture, while the other is 100% sheep which serve as the control. It was observed that within 16 days of the experiment, 50:50% (sheep/cow) mixture produced biogas which is double the total volume of the other digesters within the retention time. Though there was an improvement in the biogas produced between the digesters with the complexes and the control in terms of rate or volume of biogas production, it may be uneconomical using the complexes instead of cow manure by rural dwellers because of their income status and level of education.

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