Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Assessment of Exchangeable Ca and Mg In Soils Cultivated For Oil Palm

E. G. Ilori, F. I. Obahiagbon, B. Imosi, E. Iyare,, B. B. Ilobu
KEYWORDS: Exchangeable Ca, exchangeable Mg, Oil Palm, nutrients


As a result of the importance of essential elements in the physiological processes leading to the final economic product of the oil palm, the oil palm has a large requirement for nutrients hence the nutrient status of the soil for its cultivation must be ascertain. This study was aimed at assessing the amount of exchangeable Ca and Mg in soils cultivated for oil palm. The results obtained showed mean levels of 2.07 ± 0.78cmol/kg Ca and 0.93 ± 0.45cmol/kg Mg. There was significant variation in the amount of exchangeable Ca and Mg in the soils investigated. The data obtained was used in monitoring the amount of exchangeable Ca and Mg in the oil palm plantation.

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