Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Effect of Decomposed Oil Palm Trunk On Soil Nutrient Status

O. Ederion, M. M., Ugbah,, A., Imogie,, E. G Ilori, B. B. Ilobu
KEYWORDS: Oil palm trunk, decomposition, nutrients


The effect of unchipped or unshredded decomposed oil palm trunk on soil nutrient status was investigated. Soil samples were collected from six locations within an Experimental NIFOR Field (31) that was replanted to oil palm in 2005. Analysis of soil samples collected indicated that the unchipped or unshredded decomposed oil palm trunk still had influence on soil nutrient status after five years of felling. The soil nutrient status was higher in decomposed plots than the control without decomposed trucks. The mean nutrient status in decomposed soil were 1.19% carbon, 3.09% nitrogen, 27.07mg/kg phosphorus, 0.57 cmol/kg potassium and 5.01cmol/kg CEC while for the control soil, the mean nutrient status were 1.02% carbon, 0.38% nitrogen, 17.23mg/kg phosphorus, 0.21cmol/kg potassium and 1.84 cmol/kg CEC. However, the pH was more acidic in decomposed soil than the control (pH 5.08 and 6.00 respectively). These results suggest that soil nutrient status can be enhanced through slow release of nutrients from unchipped and unshredded decomposed oil palm trunk.

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