Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Characterization of Locally Grown Vegetable Oils For Biodiesel Production In Nigeria

C. N. Anyanwu, I. S. Eze, O. U. Oparaku, G. Braccio, V. K. Sharma
KEYWORDS: vegetable oils, biodiesel, crude palm oil, measured parameters


Physical properties of some important vegetable oils grown in Nigeria such as Crude Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Soybean Oil, Melon Seed Oil and Castor Oil were studied and considered alongside their yields to assess their suitability as feedstock for large-scale biodiesel production. Measured parameters including viscosity at 40±2 0C, heating value and elemental composition, all gave promising results. Whereas the fatty acid compositions of crude palm oil, soybean oil and melon seed oil ranged between 50.0 and 85.0%, castor and palm kernel oils contained less unsaturated fatty acids (10.0-15.5%). Results of the analyses show that the oils with the highest potential as raw materials for biodiesel production were those of castor and melon seed, although the availability and present use of the oils need to be given serious consideration .

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