Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Effect of Alkaline Pre-Treatment On Anaerobic Batch Digestion of Elephant Grass (PENNISETUM PURPUREUM)

A. D. Olugbemide, M. O. E Ufuah, L. C. Igbonazobi, J. E Osula
KEYWORDS: Elephant grass, pre-treatment, anaerobic digestion, calcium hydroxide, biogas


In the process of anaerobic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass such as Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) to biogas, a pre-treatment is required to break the lignocellulosic biomass structure. This work presents biogas production from Elephant grass pre-treated with calcium hydroxide at various concentrations (1-5%) for three days. The anaerobic digestion was carried out for 30 days at ambient temperature. Based on preliminary studies carried out, biomass-water ratio of 1:4 was used for all the experiments. The untreated Elephant grass produced 1980ml at the expiration of the experiment. For the pre-treated samples, 4% concentration produced the highest value of 2770ml followed by 1330ml produced by 3% concentration. The least yield (230ml) was observed in 2% concentration. Biogas production started on day two in 4% set-up compared to 7 days lag phase observed in the untreated sample which further confirmed the significant impact of alkaline pre-treatment.

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