Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Air Quality Studies Around Some Local Palm Oil Mill Plants At The Northern Fringes of The Niger Delta Area, Nigeria.

P. N. Ede, S. C. Nleremchi, C. C. Obunwo
KEYWORDS: oil palm, air quality, particulates, gaseous emissions


In order to assess the effect of oil milling in the environment, studies on the air quality around some local palm oil mill plants in Elele – Elele Alimini axis of Rivers State, Nigeria, have been conducted. The concentrations of various parameters which include: Respirable Particulate matter (of various sizes), Total Suspended Particulates, Carbonmonoxide, Sulphur oxides, Nitrogen oxides and the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) have been measured using the Multi- RAE (PGM-50) programmable multigas monitor. The results show that the levels of the gaseous emissions were generally below detection limits. However, levels of Total Suspended Particulates were higher than permissible levels (150 – 230μm/m3), especially in the dry season and may thus be responsible for some breathing problems reported by inhabitants during the dry season.

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