Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Chemical Composition and Anti-Nociceptive Effects of The Leaf Extract of Vitex Doniana Sweet

M. A. Tijjani, F. I. Abdulrahman, U. K. Sandabe
KEYWORDS: Vitex doniana, Phytochemical screening, Elements, Analgesia, Pentobarbitone, sleep.


Vitex doniana leaf extract was investigated for its chemical composition and some pharmacological activities. The air – dried sample was subjected to gradient extraction using solvents of different polarities. The extracts was concentrated in vacuo and subjected to phytochemical screening. The air dried leaves were ashed, digested and analysed for trace elemental content using atomic absorption and flame emission spectroscopy (AAS and EES).The preliminary phytochemical screening revealed the presence of tannins, saponins, steroid, terpenes, phloba-tannins, carbohydrate, flavonoids and glycosides. Alkaloids and anthracenosides were absent in all the extracts. Elemental analysis of Vitex doniana leaf showed high concentrations of potassium, mangnesium, sulphur, calcium and phosphorus, while sodium, manganese, iron, magnesium and zinc occurred in low concentration. The methanolic leaf extract was observed to potentiante pentabarbitone sleeping time dose-dependently. It also conferred some protection against acetic acid induced pain as well as produced analgesia when pain was induced using heat. The results of this study have shown that the leaf extract of Vitex doniana contains some important phytochemicals and essential elements. Its also exhibits some pharmacological efficacy as observed on its effect on potentiating pentobarbitone sleep and analgesia.

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