Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Production and Performance Evaluation of Insecticide-Based Coatings

O. A. Adetuyi, K. K Ajekwene, J. M Jabar
KEYWORDS: Emulsion, Paint, Viscosity, Insecticide, Mortality


Insecticide spray is the traditional method of insect control, the problems (such as high cost and environmental pollution) associated with it prompted researchers to looking for alternative insecticides that will provide solution to the problems as well as having equal or better effective control of insect as the insecticide spray.  The control and the insecticide-based paint samples were formulated and subjected to general tests synonymous to the usage of paints and insecticide in service life; such as opacity, viscosity, drying time, wash ability, mortality rate etc. Insects with complete metamorphosis (mosquitoes and houseflies) and incomplete metamorphosis (cockroaches and ants) were exposed to the boxes labeled D, A, B and C that were coated with control and insecticide-based paints respectively. It was observed that the quality of the paints were excellent for domestic and industrial surface coating and mortality rate of the insecticide-based paints X, Y and Z were in order X>Y> Z. All the insecticide-based paints have 0 % and greater than 90 % mortality rate on rats and insects respectively within a period of 238 days (mortality rate reduced with increased in number of day) while the control paint had 0 % mortality rate on rats and insects.

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