Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Studies On The Influence of Counter Ions and Modification of Adsorbent On The Kinetics of Hg (II), As (III) and Pb (II) Ions Removal From Aqueous Solutions Using Sawdust Meal

J. C. Igwe, A. A Abia, E. D Asuquo
KEYWORDS: Competitive adsorption, mixed metal ions, sorption kinetics, modification, sawdust.


The use of sawdust meal in the adsorption of metal ions in a mixture of Hg (II), As (III) and Pb (II) was investigated. Whereas particle sizes of adsorbent affected the adsorption of As (III) and Pb (II), it did not affect the adsorption of Hg (II) ion. The removal efficiencies of the metal ions was very high (99.99%). Modification by thiolation and carboxymethylation did not significantly affect the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent. The sorption process was modeled using pseudo-first and pseudo-second order kinetic equations with the later giving a good fit with rate constant (k2) of 3.33x10-22 g/mg-min and R2 value of 1.00 for the three metal ions and the three adsorbent types. The adsorption in a mixture of metal ions caused a leveling effect on the sorption capacity of the sawdust meal. Therefore, the sorption efficiency of each metal ion was influenced by the presence of other metal ions. This study significantly reveals the presence of other heavy metals, as design parameter in the treatment and management of heavy metal pollutants using cellulosic materials such as sawdust

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