Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Nano Sized Starch Particles From Modified Cassava and Potato Tubers

A. K. Akinlabi, O. M. Oyenekan, A .o. Shobo, A. S. Arowolo, O. K. Koleoso
KEYWORDS: Acids, amylase, amylopectin, starch hydrolysis, nanosizes


Starch was extracted from two sources; cassava and potato using water as the solvent. The starch sample was hydrolysed with four different acids; hydrochloric acid (as monobasic), sulphuric acid (as dibasic) phosphoric acid (as tribasic) and acetic acid (as organic) for a period of 20 days. The following analysis; particle size, loss on ignition, moisture, ash, volatile matter, amylose, amylopectin and iodine tests were carried out on the starch before and after hydrolysis. Starch samples were analysed at intervals of two days starting from day four of the hydrolysis up to day eighteen. The sizes of the starch granules obtained at different days were determined using X-ray Diffractometer and it was observed that the size reduction of the starch granules by acid was in the following order: H3PO4 > H2SO4 > HCl > CH3COOH. Also, after 14 days of hydrolysis, there was no further reduction in particle sizes of the starch by all the acids. The acids were however able to reduce the starch samples to nano sizes. The upmost aim of the investigation is to find uses for the nano particle starch as additives in biodegradable polymers.

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