Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Comparative Evaluation of Essential Minerals In Ginger, Garlic, and Onion

D. E. A Boryo, P. M Dass, N. S Gin, J. K Samuel
KEYWORDS: Essential minerals, onions, garlic, ginger.


Comparative evaluation of essential mineral contents such as calcium, potassium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and sodium in ginger, garlic and onion was carried out using various standard analytical methods. The amount of calcium ranged from 3.6300mg/l in garlic 2.6900mg/l in onion to 0.2509mg/l in ginger; potassium 0.6750mg/l in ginger, 0.4250mg/l in garlic to 0.220mg/l in onion; phosphorus 24.800mg/l in garlic, 22.1500mg/l in onion to 18.410mg/l in ginger; iron 1.560mg/l in garlic, 1.5420mg/l ginger to 0.0750mg/l in onion while iodine ranged from 2.332mg/l in garlic 1.7560 mg/l onion to 0.8039mg/l in ginger. Sodium concentration in garlic was 0.250mg/l and there was not available in ginger and onion. The result showed that all the samples contained appreciable concentrations of essential mineral with exception of sodium. Therefore, these samples, especially garlic and onion provides alternative source of minerals for human need.

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