Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Adsorption Kinetics For The Removal of Lead (II) and Iron (II) Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Chemically Modified Palm Kernel Shell Carbon

B. N Okolue, C. I Ekeocha, J. A Olunwa
KEYWORDS: chemisorption, chemically modified palm kernel shell carbon, sorption kinetics, isotherms, metal in solution.


The use of chemically modified palm kernel shell carbon in the absorption of metal ions from an aqueous solution containing lead (II) and iron (II) ions was investigated. During this study, it was observed that increase in certain parameters like pH, time, temperature and concentration of the system influences the rate of absorption of adsorbate onto adsorbent. Modification of the adsorbent with a strong oxidizing agent like trioxonitrate (IV) produces acidic oxide which significantly influences the ultimate adsorption properties of the adsorbent towards metal ions and the removal of the metal ions from the study was seen to be very high. The sorption process was modeled using pseudo-first order kinetics and it gave a good fit with rate constants of 1.05x10-2 min-1 and 1.20x10- 2min-1 for the lead (II) and Iron (II) ions respectively. Furthermore, thermodynamics indicates that the adsorption process was spontaneous (ΔG < 0). Slightly exothermic (ΔH o< 0) and irreversible (ΔS o>0). The study significantly revealed the presence of time, pH, temperature and concentration as important parameters to be considered in the design of technique for the treatment and management of pollution involving heavy metal pollutants. 

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