Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Physico-Chemical Evaluation of Water Quality of Hand-Dug Wells In Bera/Nwe-Ol Community, Ogoni Kingdom, Nigeria.

C. C Obunwo, J. B. Bodo
KEYWORDS: Physico-chemical characteristics, hand-dug wells, water quality, ground water.


Evaluation of the physico-chemical characteristics of the water quality of hand dug wells in a rural community in Ogoni Kingdom, Bera-Nwe-ol, was carried out with the intent of establishing likely sources of some health challenges in the community. The community was divided into the low- and high- land areas. Water samples were collected from 10 hand dug wells from each of the areas. The physico-chemical characteristics, which include temperature, pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), electrical conductivity (EC), acidity, as well as chloride, nitrate and hardness concentrations, were analysed using standard methods. Water samples collected from wells in the low land areas recorded higher values in TDS (293.00 ±217.87 mg/l), EC (420.00±311.70µS/cm), Acidity (38.01±27.09mg/l), and Hardness (133.30±76.88mg/l) than in the high land areas TDS (97.00± 47.62mg/l), EC (140.00±60.00µS/cm), Acidity (3.93±1.49mg/l), and Hardness (80.98±41.51mg/l). These variations may be as a result of surface water intrusion into the wells in the low land areas. The pH values (3.20 – 6.08) indicated high acidic content, possibly responsible for the explicable health challenges in the community.   

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