Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Effect of Substituents On The Dyeing Performance of Novel Disperse Dyes Derived From Methyl-2-Amino-4-[(4-CHLOROPHENYL)Carbamoyl]-5- Methylthiophene-3-Carboxylate

O. R. A. Iyun, K. A. Bello, O. J. Abayeh, A. Jauro, F. O. Shode
KEYWORDS: 2-Aminothiophene, N-phenylmaleimides, Azo Disperse Dyes, Dyeing, nylon Fibres


Eight novel variously substituted azo dyes derivatives of N-phenylmaleimides were prepared. The effects of the nature and orientation of the substituents on the color and dyeing properties of these dyes on nylon fibres were evaluated. The newly synthesized compounds were characterized by spectral data (IR, 1H NMR, 13C-NMR and MS). The dyes were applied to nylon fabrics and showed good washing, sublimation, acid and alkali perspiration fastness. The remarkable degree of brightness after washings is indicative of good penetration and the excellent affinity of these dyes for the nylon. The results in general revealed the efficiency of the prepared compounds as new azo dyes

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