Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Comparative Study On Topical Ointment Properties of Butyrospermum Parkii and Aframomum Melegueta Seeds Extract With Commercial Ointments

C. E Ogukwe, E. E. Oguzie, R. N. Oze
KEYWORDS: Butyrospermum parkii, Aframomum melegueta; synergism rubefacient, natural product research


Two Nigerian plants- Butyrospermum parkii seed oil and essential oils from Aframomum melegueta seeds were studied for the presence of phytochemical compounds which exhibit pain relieving properties when applied topically. Various samples of 75/25% w/v , 50/50% w/v and 50/50% w/w formulations of this two natural products were prepared and studied using AOAC and ASTM methods of analysis. The formulated ointments were compared to those of commercially existing ones. The results showed that the B. parkii and A. melegueta exhibited topical ointment properties as a synergic function of the fatty acids (emollients), terpenoids, flavonoids and phenols (rubefacients). The 50/50% w/v formulation had properties that complied perfectly with the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria [IPAN’s] descriptions of topical ointment.

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