Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Baseline Data Study, Reaeration Rate and Classification of Onuinyi River In Obowo, South Eastern Nigeria

C. E. Ogukwe, E. E. Oguzie, J. I. Alinnor, G. O. Oze
KEYWORDS: Onuinyi River, quality parameters, reaeration rate


Physic-chemical characteristics of water samples from eight sampling points along Onuinyi river course were assessed using standard methods. The result showed that the river was slightly acidic with a mean pH value of 6.43 compared with WHO range of 6.50 to 8.50. An observed mean BOD value of 13.5mg/l was recorded. Eleven (11) out of the fifteen studied parameters were within the WHO standards for potable water. The river has a flow rate of 0.52m/s with a calculated reaeration rate of 0.37 day-1 and should therefore not serve as a receiving water body for industrial effluent. The meets U.S. Public Health Service drinking water standards and should be considered safe and satisfactory for drinking water purposes if subjected to approved treatment to reduce naturally present impurities by standardizing the pH and BOD level of the water. Onuinyi river is therefore classified as a ‘CLASS A’ river with respect to American Standard for streams and river classification

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