Publisher: Chemical Society of Nigeria

Determination of The Optimal Frying and Storage Conditions For Some Vegetable Oils

H. O. Egharevba, M. O. Omojola
KEYWORDS: Oil, optimal heat, storage, oxidation, oil autoxidation,


Vegetable oils/fats of different degree of unsaturation namely; shea butter, palm oil and groundnut  (peanut) oil were heated at three different temperatures (1500C, 1700C and 1900C) for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hrs using a temperature regulated, lidded-deep frying equipment.  The changes in some quality parameters (acid value, iodine value and peroxide value) were monitored for stability. Changes in some of the quality parameters were found to be dependent on the heating temperature, heating time or duration and the degree of unsaturation of the oil/fat. The deterioration of heated oil under storage (measured as peroxide value), generally depends on the degree of unsaturation of the oil/fat, the temperature at which it was heated, and the duration of heating before storage. All the samples appeared to be more resistant to peroxide formation when heated at 1900C than when heated at 1500C. Oil with high degree of unsaturation like Groundnut oil when fried at high temperature range above 1900C should not be re-used after been stored up to 24hrs because it would have deteriorated appreciably.  ‚Äč

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