Publisher: Lead City University

Cultural Imperialism and The Evolution of ‘White Africa’

Babafemi Jacobs
KEYWORDS: West Africa, Cultural Imperialism


Africa is the continent of the negroid race. The interaction of the African man with men of other colors has had positive and negative effects on him and his place of abode. The Berlin conference held in Germany between 1884 and 1885 can be said to be the point at which the African man lost his rights to be independent as the decisions for his continent to be divided, colonized and under-utilized were taken at this conference. The coming of the white man with his culture, technology and way of life is one that has had its effects on us as Africans. The changes in the way we communicate and the influence of the western media on the diverse African ways of life have placed us on the path of cultural extinction so to speak. This article looks at how cultural imperialism acts as a tool in the development of white Africa – not as a continent filled with white people but as a continent of dark-skinned people who have been subtly influenced to adopt the European ways of life over a period. It also looks at whether or not the African man can hold on to the remaining fragment of his culture in the rise of China as a world power. This article is predicated on the cultural imperialism theory propounded by Herbert Schiller in 1973.​

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