Publisher: Lead City University

Press Reportage and Political Instability In Nigeria

Iyabobola O. Ajibola, Margaret Solo-anaeto
KEYWORDS: Political instability, Political conflicts, Press reportage, Nigeria, Challenges


Political conflicts often threaten the socio-political cohesion of Nigeria as a result of power struggles among the political class, misappropriation of resources, manipulation of information as well as the intimidation of perceived opponents by politicians. The manipulation of information as a key reason for political instability in Nigeria is of particular importance to this paper. The press has key roles to play in political stability in the country; however they oftentimes cause instability because the way and manner in which they report issues eventually lead to dissent and friction. Political instability has had a devastating impact on the economy, human capital development and peace of Nigeria. The press, as the Fourth Estate of the Realm are saddled with responsibilities of gatekeeping for good governance. However, while performing these roles, it is also important that the press do not heat up the polity unnecessarily. This paper therefore highlights the role of press reportage in political instability in Nigeria. It explores the myriad ways in which the press aid political instability and proffers solutions on how these challenges can be effectively tackled. 

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