Publisher: Lead City University

Party Politics and Dividends of Democracy In Nigeria

Iwara Eno Iwara
KEYWORDS: Party Politics, Democracy, Nigeria


This paper is about party politics and dividends of democracy in Nigeria. Whereas the basic idea for the emergence of political parties was the belief that political parties have fundamental roles of development to perform in modern democracy, party politics in Nigeria negates this historic expectation. Instead, a political attitude develops in the sociopolitical system in which the public office is misappropriated, and exploited for the office holder’s benefit and that of his close associates while the electorate becomes the worse-off. The paper argues that a number of critical limitations have come to impinge the purchase of the public office in Nigeria, which makes the official public purpose of political office a secondary concern. This in the opinion of the paper was accentuated during the “marketing boards and oil entitlement bundle’s era. Finally, the paper suggests the total transformation of the party system by way of facilitating the evolution of trans-ethnic political identifications in real terms, and instituting the task where parties would develop the capacity to institute credible leadership with inspiring vision and ideology.‚Äč

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