Publisher: Nigerian Environmental Society

Seasonal Water Quality Variations During Dredging of A Typical Brackish Water Habitat In The Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Iyama, W. A., Eze, C. L., Ede, P. N.
KEYWORDS: Brackish water, Habitat, Niger Delta, Seasonal variations, dry and wet, temporal and spatial variations.


Seasonal variation in water quality during dredging process in typical brackish water from the Bonny River (Rumuolumeni axis) located around the mouth of Eagle Island Settlement was analyzed using selected physic-chemical parameters. This was done in different seasons using November/December as dry and June/July as wet seasons applying standard laboratory procedures and equipment .The following physico-chemical parameters were studied ; temperature, pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), sulphate, phosphate, nitrate, alkalinity, chloride, dissolved oxygen (DO), biological oxygen demand (BOD), fecal coliform count, total hardness(T.H), ammonia, iron II and turbidity. Six selected sample stations were used following a systematic sampling design labeled A, B, C, D, E and F. Some multiple graphical techniques, tabulations, standard statistical packages and water quality index were used to explain some significant variations observed. The brackish water had significant temporal variations recorded for sulphate, T.H, Iron II, phosphate, nitrate and chloride whereas spatial variations were observed for fecal coliform count, sulphate, BOD­­5, T.H, Cl-, alkalinity and turbidity. 

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