Publisher: Nigerian Environmental Society

Physico-Chemical Assessment of Leachates Quality In Effurun Waste Dumpsite, Southern Nigeria

I. E. Agbozu, O. E. Oghama, O. O. Akinyemi
KEYWORDS: Leachate, Municipal Solid Waste, Dumpsite, Effurun, Physico-chemical Prameters


It is a well known fact that ground and surface water around municipal solid waste dumpsites is susceptible to contamination by leachates from the dumpsites. The use of such polluted water poses health risks to humans. This study was therefore carried out to define the characteristics of leachates in a Municipal Solid Waste dumpsite in Edjeba expressway, Effurun in Delta State, Southern Nigeria. Leachate samples were collected from trenches dug into refuse dump site in the vicinity of the dump site and analyzed for physico-chemical parameters. The results were compared with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Environment (FMENV) standard. It was observed that the pH, Phosphates, Sulphates, Zn and Cu were within Nigerian regulatory standard while EC, Chlorides, BOD, COD, Pb, Fe, Mn and Cr exceeded the standard. The BOD5/COD ratio for the leachates was calculated. The value of 0.4mg/l suggests high organic strength in the landfill. Based on the experimental results, it can be inferred that the dumpsite has the potential to pollute ground and surface water. 

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