Publisher: Lead City University

Engaging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Public Private Partnerships (PPPS) For Nigeria’S Human Capital Development

Odeleye, Donald A., Odeleye, Oluwatoyin A.
KEYWORDS: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Human Capital Development, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)


In most civilized cultures, payback is normally required when an individual(s), agency or organisation has benefitted immensely or enjoys considerable patronage from a particular socio-cultural environment. Globally, companies and organisations contribute their quota to national development by intervening in deficient areas and also by taking up some social responsibilities like offering educational sponsorships to indigent members of the community and providing infrastructural support. Even though corporate agencies in Nigeria also get so involved, it is the contention of this paper that a lot more can be done utilizing extraneous tracks such as CSR and PPPs to fast track Nigeria’s human capital development. For instance, it is suggested that a pragmatic CSR and PPPs system needs to be put in place that will ensure that a symbiotic relationship exists between the public and the private sectors in addressing specific areas of need in tertiary education. Firms and multinational agencies should initiate more PPPs in higher education to help in achieving Nigeria’s vision 20-20-20.

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