Publisher: Lead City University

Relationship Between Leadership and Job Satisfaction: A Correlational Study of Staff of The Delta State University Teaching Hospital Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria

Okwendi, Solomon Joseph, Nwankwoala, Richard
KEYWORDS: Leadership, job satisfaction, healthcare, and behaviour


Previous studies have identified many factors that influence the level and quality of job satisfaction enjoyed by employees. However, the current study was not interested in just identifying general factors that influence job satisfaction of employees but focused specifically on finding out if there is a relationship between leadership behaviour of individual managers and subordinates’ job satisfaction of employees. The study population sample was drawn from the staff of one of the fastest growing teaching hospitals in Nigeria, the Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara, Nigeria. A mail in questionnaire was used to collect data from respondents. The results indicated that there was a strong positive relationship between perceived transformational leadership behaviour of the managers/supervisors and employee job satisfaction. It is hoped that findings from this study will provide an enhanced understanding of the nature of the relationship between perception of leadership behaviour and employee job satisfaction. Overall, the findings from this study will help the management of the Teaching Hospital to adequately prepare leaders and workers in the healthcare field with effective skills and knowledge that will enable them to create and foster a work environment that enhances employee satisfaction.

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