Publisher: Lead City University

Water Governance Outcomes of Natural Spring Development Project In Ibadan City, Nigeria

Oloukoi, Grace
KEYWORDS: Natural spring, water shortage, water governance, water access, community-based water management, Ibadan.


Using governance indicators, this paper evaluates service outcomes of communities’ initiatives in the development of natural springs that have been in operation for the past one- and-a-half decades in Ibadan city, Nigeria. Natural spring water projects as alternative water supply sources to forestall impending water supply shortages in Ibadan were facilitated by the Sustainable Ibadan Project (SIP). This study made use of document review, site visitation and informal interviews. In addition, 280 households were sampled for water access survey in four local communities that had benefitted from the natural spring project. Research results show that the strategy has provided improved water access in the beneficiary communities. Also, the spring water projects in the case study communities have been sustained over time through cost recovery, community-based management and service efficiency, thereby fulfilling governance indices. The paper recommends the institutionalisation of the adopted strategy for further replication of spring water development in communities where such resources are available towards improved water access in Nigeria.

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