Publisher: Lead City University

Education, Moral Values and Human Society: A Constructive Reflection

Philip Akporduado Edema
KEYWORDS: Education, Moral Values and Human Society: A Constructive Reflection


This paper is an exercise and reflection in philosophy and education, using the methodologies of conceptual clarification, analysis, exposition and argumentation. It examines and interrogates the position and the role of education and moral values in the pursuit of the common good of society. It states that education needs to prepare individuals to seek for the common good of society, most especially in whatever situation they find themselves in life. Education, as a moving train, has been and continues to be fundamental to the development of citizens. Moral values, on the other hand, bring to play the value of education and how individuals should apply such values in their daily activities within a given society. The paper therefore submits that education and morality have the same foundation inherent in human nature and this can be realised in a conducive human society. From the foregoing, it is clear that there is a distinct relationship among these three terminologies, (education, moral values and human society) and that they complement one another

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