Publisher: Lead City University

Checkmating Upsurge of Domestic Terrorism In Nigeria: A Counselling Psychologist’S Perspective

Donald A. Odeleye
KEYWORDS: Spate, Challenge, Domestic Terrorism, Counselling


Terrorism is defined as any act that is orchestrated by an individual, individuals, group(s) or government against another person or persons with intention of causing bodily or mental harm. Domestically, this usually manifests in molestation, intimidation, domination or manipulation of the victim. The thesis of the paper is that the spate of domestic terrorism in Nigeria could be controlled if not outrightly eliminated. Six (6) dimensions of terrorism as exhibited in Nigeria were discussed. Varied examples of domestic terrorism such as extortion, political thuggery, armed robbery, assassination, sexual and mental assault, hostage taking, battery and bullying, religious persecution and suicide bombing, among others were appraised. Modus operandi and psychology of the terrorists were highlighted and discussed. Efforts of the Nigerian government at combating and preventing terrorism were subsequently considered. Implications for counselling practice in Nigeria were analysed. It was suggested that counselling clinics be set up at all levels of education and public service.

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